Dr. Ágnes Kovács


Every second Monday 09:00 – 12:00


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Dr. Ágnes Kovács

adult, children and teenage psychiatrist, dealing with children suffering from depression, anxiety, hyperactivity or behavioral disorders and conducting parents’  training as well

Team work is important for her, where the child patients are given multiple levels of support. Thus, beside the medical-pediatric psychiatric support, the psychologic assistance and special education examination and if necessary developing also help improve their condition.

Adding to helping children with behavioral therapeutic approach, she cares for supporting, preparing parents as well. Being adult psychiatrist too, the greater part of her work includes helping mothers, their individual and group psychotherapy, and therapies for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, emotional difficulties.

As well as dealing with children having hyperactivity, she helps parents at parents’ trainings to learn special educational attitudes and views that give them tools to assist their children.

She gained her experience at Vadaskert Hospital, where she treated children from 3 to 18 years of age in inpatient and outpatient service. Her duties included examinations, diagnosing, acute and long-term therapy and follow-up. She was also the head of therapeutic and diagnostic department at Vadaskert Hospital until 2016.

In her opinion, it is essential to apply up-to-date knowledge and modern equipment to give proper medical service, so she takes part in trainings and research team works. As a university student, she performed newborn follow-up in team work, later she worked in the project of preventing childhood depression, suicide and childhood schizophrenia.

She is a mother of two girls, feeling the beauty and difficulty of being a mother in her own life. She says: ’I observe the miracle of a child’s soul in everyday life too.’  As a believer she esteems her work a vocation.

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