Dr. Borbála Telcs

  • 16.30 - 18.30


  • easy way to fix a consultation, without waiting
  • could be done anytime, even on week-ends
  • you see your doctor’s consultation hours weeks ahead
  • you could have a look at your medical findings retrospectively
  • scheduled appointments could be modified by yourself
  • you receive a reminder e-mail before the date of the scheduled appointment
  • at arrival check-in takes just a minute

Dr. Borbála Telcs

infant and pediatric specialist, pediatric neurologist

She has been dealing with infants’ developmental problems of the nervous system for over a decade. She examines with great empathy and expertise, informs parents with patience, and follows the progression of the baby with full attention.

’I am convinced that patience and kindness have an important role in our work. Especially, if we encounter with a fretful baby, a worried parent or an intractable disease.’ Parents bring those infants to her consultations who had problems during fetal life and at birth, or parents have detected deviations in their motoric skills and intellectual development. These problems might include: hypotension (loose muscle), spasticity (stiff, bound muscle), strange posture (for example of the head) or strange movements occurring repeatedly (strange eye movement, limb movement, stretching).

It sometimes happens that the gross motor skills expected at a certain age are delayed or the baby ignores visual or audible stimuli, and his or her intonation is below the age-appropriate. Dr Telcs examines and diagnoses on the basis of her immense experience.

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