Dr Dorottya Asbóth


Friday  08.00 am – 12.00 pm


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Dr Dorottya Asbóth

dermatologist, chief physician

Dermatoscopy (examination with a dermatoscope): childhood screening of pigmented birth marks, attendance of children with congenital birth marks. Diagnosing and treating viral, bacterial, fungous and parasitic infections, newborns’ dermatological disorders; identifying and categorizing the symptoms of allergological and immunological skin lesions; diagnosing and curing inflammatory disorders, eczema and teen-age dermatological problems.

She is practicing with an experience of 25 years as a dermatologist specialist, while 22 years as a children’s hospital physician, in the course of which she has gained wide experience in carrying out smaller surgical interventions such as removal of warts and other skin lesions. She has been also practicing in the framework of private medical care for more than 15 years, diagnosing, treating and curing mostly childhood dermatological problems.

She has gained special practice in the early screening, diagnosis, dermatoscopic follow-up and documentation of pigmented birth marks, in the treatment of children having large congenital birth marks as well as in the management of their plastic surgery consultation.

Dermatological disorders which she heals with her more than two-decade experience:

  • viral, bacterial, fungous and parasitic infections
  • blood vessel inflammations, haemangiomas
  • skin problems due to sun exposure
  • hair and nail disorders
  • pigmentation disorders, birth marks
  • medical diagnosis of skin symptoms in relation with hereditary diseases and syndromes
  • skin disorders and their symptoms of the newborn
  • diagnosis and identification of childhood infectious diseases
  • clinical aspects of inflammatory disorders, eczema
  • recognition and categorization of immunological diseases’ dermatological symptoms
  • allergology
  • teen-age skin problems

She performs the experienced and emphatic attendance of acute diseases, as well as the training of their treatment methods. In case of a chronic disorder setting up a treatment planis an important part of her practice. By this plan the management of the children’s daily in-home tasks  are easily learnt and registered, continuous follow-up will be feasible, while children and parents could receive relevant advice if necessary.

In the course of the screening she carries out dermatoscopic examinations (with photo documentation) and if the status of the patient makes it necessary, she also consults with physicians of the related specialties in order to select the optimal treatment method.