Dr. Erzsébet Péterffy

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Dr. Erzsébet Péterffy

pediatric and adult otorhinolaryngologist, chief physician

At Svábhegyi Children’s Clinic she deals with adult and childhood diseases in lower or upper airways (otorhinolaryngological diseases, hearing loss, asthma bronchiale, chronic bronchitis, coughing problems, allergy) and if necessary with surgical interventions.

Whichever parts of the respiratory system are touched by allergy, she can give complex help to patients due to her great expertise and experience.

She is the author of numerous scientific articles, and lecturer or participant of several conferences. Since 1996 she has been doing research in the primary ciliar dyskinesia (PCD) – a congenital inheritable disease – as her main scientific activity. As a result, she with her team of doctors have got into the first rank of Europe by diagnosing, curing and giving regular care to PCD patients. Her team of doctors based on the research results plays a leading part in the PCD work group of the European Respiratory Society (ERS).

Beside the international conventions she has been a regular lecturer at the annual congresses of the Hungarian Bronchology Organization, the Hungarian Otorhinolaryngology Association and Hungarian Pediatric Pulmonology Society since 1997.