Dr. Hajnalka Szabó PhD.

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Dr. Hajnalka Szabó PhD.

infant and pediatric specialist neonatologist, pediatric pulmonologist chief physician, with over 20 years of experience in the newborn care, performing treatment and follow-up in the respiratory problems originated in prematurity. (RDS, BPD, RSV; RDS= respiratory distress syndrome, BPD= bronchopulmonic dysplasia, RSV= respiratory syncytial viral bronchiolitis).

She has been the only Hungarian representative in the International Advisory Board of International Pediatric Pulmonology Society for six years now. She has brought her 20-year experience from Szeged to the Svábhegyi Children’s Clinic’s little patients. At the Department of Pediatrics in Szeged, where she spent two decades, she worked as a chief physician at the premature and intensive care of the B section of the Department for 9 years.

Again, she was a newborn medic at the Newborns’ Life-saving Service in Szeged for 20 years. For her, humanity is of high priority, that is why she became a doctor. After her qualification as General Practitioner she considered pediatrics the most important specialty. Having taken exams in infant and pediatric specialties, she completed exams in pediatric pulmonology, then neonatology as well which is about curing the premature babies. Several essays and professional presentations prove her up-to-date competency. She joined the team of pulmonologists of Svábhegyi Children’s Clinic one and a half year ago.

She believes in humanity and right to life and she thinks the following quotation could express her feelings the best:

’I believe in Humanity.

I believe that sins against the human soul are unforgivable.

I believe that the right to life is universal(…)

And I believe that the xenogenesis is everliving.’

(Dr Ildikó Bárányi László: Credo)

She has been a member of the International Advisory Board of the International Pediatric Pulmonology Society and their representative in Hungary since 2010. She has an intermediate language exam of English and an advanced exam of Rumanian.