Dr Judit Balogh


Friday  9.00 am – 15.00 pm


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Dr Judit Balogh

children- and youth psychiatrist

Diagnosis and therapy for pathologic conditions such as psychosomatic problems, abnormal eating, mood disorders, anxiety, behavior- and learning problems, attention deficit, ADHD.

She provides high-level care to children with ADHD and their families. In addition, she gives professional and personal advice and guidance covering all spheres of their life (family, kindergarten or school environment, leisure time).

The professional knowledge acquired during the years, clinical experience, regular attendance at continuous education as well as the continuous  learning and immersion in cognitive and behavior therapy all help her everyday work. She thinks it vital to set up the precise diagnosis in accordance with the professional protocol in which cooperation with the related specialists (pediatrician, psychologist, special needs teacher and the social network) play an important role. Indeed, she puts emphasis on teamwork and close, regular contact with colleagues in the aftercare and attendance of children.

Her aim is that having diagnosed ADHD, children and their families should get complex professional advice, guidance and support covering all aspects of their life. With this approach she would like to foster children’s community integration, their acceptance and positive judgement, to assure their quality conduct of life and unfold their inner skills and perspectives.