Dr Katalin Tamás


Thursday 11.00 am – 14.30 pm


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Dr Katalin Tamás

allergologist, specialist of infant and children pediatrics, gastroenterologist

Diagnosing and treating lactation disorders, baby colic, reflux symptoms, malabsorption as well as food and respiratory allergies

She has been practicing as a children gastroenterologist for more than ten years, especially in the field of treating food allergy cases. Her consultations with the parents of newborns and small children involve mainly the following issues:

  • problems relating to lactation, mental and nutritional disorders in the course of weaning
  • baby colic correlated with digestion
  • acid reflux, milk coming back up and reflux symptoms
  • malabsorption, determining the reasons behind the passage of black, tarry stools or any defecation disorders
  • diagnosis and treatment of food and respiratory allergic cases
  • care of overweight children
  • setting up a diet plan and training for the adaptation of a nutritional therapy in teamwork with a dietitian specialist

In cooperation with her dietitian team mate, Petra Varga, they have been facilitating children’s good recovery for years. Spheres of high priority of the dietary counselling are: pregnant and nursing mothers’ alimentation, infant nutrition, food allergy dietetics, malabsorption diet, nutrition therapy of underfed and overweight children, healthy diet.

Dr Katalin Tamás often incorporates her experiences, gained as general pediatric practitioner, into her private consultation practice, which gives her an appropriate ground to follow-up the newborns’, infants’ and small children’s growth in the course of regular visits. She also practises the care and follow-up of kindergarten- and school age children and the same for adolescents as well.