Dr. László Blatniczky


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Dr. László Blatniczky PhD

Endocrinologist, diabetologist chief physician

Having decades of experience he examines, diagnoses and cures children suffering from childhood diabetes and obesity. In addition, it is a significant part of his work to recognize, clarify and cure the dysfunction of the endocrine glands. Herein, parents’ most common problems are their children’s failure of growth and development, the various forms of thyroid functional disorders, and the presence of possible troubles occurring at the age of puberty.

He has been member of the Hungarian Diabetes Association since 1978 and founder member of Childhood Diabetes Section. He was one of the first doctors who made people aware of hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance behind it, which can be diagnosed in overweight children, too.

According to him ’we were born not to become ill (…) the ’horrible’ actual or perceived causes happening in the background of symptoms, even if they appear, can be controlled and cured in the vast majority of cases. The participants of medical care must convey the message of Apostle Paul to the patients and their relatives: ’…God did not give us the soul of fear, but the strength, love and common sense.’ Possessing these virtues are the basic conditions of successful, empathic and humane medical work.’