Dr. Rita Göndöcs

  • 16.00 - 18.00


  • easy way to fix a consultation, without waiting
  • could be done anytime, even on week-ends
  • you see your doctor’s consultation hours weeks ahead
  • you could have a look at your medical findings retrospectively
  • scheduled appointments could be modified by yourself
  • you receive a reminder e-mail before the date of the scheduled appointment
  • at arrival check-in takes just a minute

Dr. Rita Göndöcs


She has vast experience in treating respiratory diseases, mainly atopic ones such as asthma and the connected allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis (eczema).

She thinks the best decision in her life was choosing pediatrics as a medical profession. In her opinion it is necessary to maintain a good relationship based on empathy between the doctor and the patient. That is the reason why she prefers dealing with children from infant to young adult ages, as the medical attendance, coming from the nature of pulmonology,  assumes a long term cooperation that gives chance to follow up the child’s advancement too.

’I don’t cure only one organ (lung), but the whole individual’ she says about her view and she has kept this attitude in mind in the past decades.

She is convinced that the saying: ’the child is not a little adult’ is true.

Having many years of experience, she thinks that when we have the right diagnosis of a child it is essential to choose the best treatment, because ’when we make decision about the course of treatment, we must take into consideration minimum 70 years, not only a few years of cure.’

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