Dr. Sándor Mihályi

  • 16:00 - 20:00


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Dr. Mihályi Sándor

chief physician, heart surgeon, specialist of heart diseases, complex heart disorders, heart transplantation and artificial heart implantation.

Dr Sándor Mihályi has been performing heart surgeries for over two decades including the full spectrum of congenital heart diseases, heart transplantation and artificial heart implantation. He looks forward to seeing patients at our clinic for pediatric heart surgical counseling, as he is an expert in complex and most serious cardiopathies.

He is currently the chief cardiac surgeon at the Children’s Heart Center of Gottsegen György National Institute of Cardiology. In Hungary, he represents with the greatest experience the more esthetic surgical constructions which can be used in the case of less serious heart diseases. In the course of his work, he regularly performs complicated, often extraordinary heart surgeries that is practiced worldwide.

In addition to his hospital work, which calls for a whole person, he provides opportunities at his private consultations for the parents of children with heart diseases to discuss the details of heart surgeries and to hear the most important information directly from the heart surgeon himself who actually does the intervention.

Again, in the case of disorders detected at fetal echocardiography, the pregnant mothers have excellent opportunity at his private consultations to know the treatment possibilities about newborn heart surgeries from an expert.

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