Dr Vera Goda


Tuesday 09.00 am – 13.00 pm


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Dr Vera Goda

specialist of infant and children pediatrics, clinical immunologist and allergist chief physician

Her practice mainly involves the check-up, treatment and care of patients with immunodeficiency. Besides, she has gained wide experience in attending stem cell transplant patients.

If unreasonably frequent, long-lasting, severe or atypical infections occur in you or your child, the suspicion of indigenous immunodeficiency disorder is raised. Symptoms which show the incidental existence of the child’s immunodeficiency disease: stoppage of gaining weight, constant diarrhea, recurring fungous and bacterial infections, appearance of spacious warts on the skin which could only be cured slowly.

As per our present knowledge and perspectives clinical aspects of immunodeficiency are not uncommon, its frequent forms may be the basis of symptoms like recurring catharral status of the upper airways and decreased weight gain. More serious and uncommon forms of the disease could be diagnosed with difficulties as they are frequently associated with autoimmune, allergic and sometimes with tumorous disorders. Dr Goda has been practicing for more than 20 years in a center, specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from immunodeficiency disorders, gaining wide experience in the diagnostics and attendance of out- and inpatients.

Being also a mother with three children she has a child-centered approach, focusing on the aim to gain the little patients’ confidence; children’s carefree boisterousness, active playing and contribution do not frustrate her in the work. She supports the painless blood draw method available at our clinic.

She is frequently participating in the further trainings of medical students and residents preparing for their specialist examination of immunology. She also attends presentations and forums organized to propagate the recognition of immunodeficiency disorders.

Most of her spare time is spent with her family, she likes hiking, running, reading, going to concerts and theaters.