Eleonóra Shakkour

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Shakkour Eleonóra

Early therapy for children, spastic muscle tone, poor muscle tone (hypotonia), speech development, preparation for school, development of motor abilities

She has an extensive practice of 23 years in providing conductive training for children between the ages of 0-8 years. As a conductor, she is convinced that the complexity of conductive pedagogy gives holistic treament to children. In terms of their improvement, the most important factors are the properly designed development program and the cooperation with the family. Only the correct adaptation of pre-learned exercises at home could make conductive training really efficient.

Her specialties: early therapy; preventive development of motor abilities; in the framework of special motor development gymnastics  complex motor development therapy for children struggling with learning difficulties and partial abnormalities; conductive training for children facing spastic muscle tone and hypotonic muscle-tone problems as well as for children having diagnosed disfunctions like diplegia, spastic tetraparesis, hemiparesis, athetosis, ataxia, spina bifida; screening and improving listening comprehension and speech perception; applying alternative communicative techniques with non-speaking children; preparation for school for kindergarten-age children (improving motoric and cognitive functions).

During the trainings she deals with infants and children with great patience and expertise. She gives priority to playful and cheerful trainings as children can be best developed by using games. Recently there has been an increased number of children with learning difficulties and behavior problems. In many cases they are struggling with partial abnormalities too. The method (Sindelar) – elaborated and applied in order to uncover and give therapy for these disorders – is well complemented by the method of a complex motor therapy (Kulcsár method). This latter is used for correcting learning and behaviour problems at early-school-age children, and for prevention at kindergarten-age children. The therapy contains personalized exercises that have been revealed during former examinations. The elements of the exercises improve the targeted development of the central nervous system as well as correct its functioning.

It is very important to recognize early and start trainings of motor development in due time. However, the conductive trainings starting at later ages also give children opportunity to improvement. Furthermore, the conductor sets individual goals for disabled children with different conditions, so that she could reach continuous development.

In certain cases – discussed beforehand – she takes on trainings at her own home.