Katalin Ihász

  • 16.00-20.00


  • easy way to fix a consultation, without waiting
  • could be done anytime, even on week-ends
  • you see your doctor’s consultation hours weeks ahead
  • you could have a look at your medical findings retrospectively
  • scheduled appointments could be modified by yourself
  • you receive a reminder e-mail before the date of the scheduled appointment
  • at arrival check-in takes just a minute

Katalin Ihász

dietetitian, specialist of healthy diet, dietary advisor, instructor in celiac disease and I. type of diabetes

As a dietitian she claims: we should teach children the well-balanced and proper diet, so that it could become a habit when they become adults. So far, she has gained widespread experience in prevention and giving dietary treatments for already existing diseases.

In the framework of health lessons for pupils, she tries to endear well-balanced diet to children by introducing cooking courses to them. She passes her hospital dietetic experience in the course of several lectures and vocational trainings too.

She performs her work patiently and affectionately at the summer camp where there are children with I. type of diabetes. Indeed, the treatment of several diseases must be complemented with a diet which can be applied easily and comfortably with a little attention.

Eating cannot be considered as necessary evil by any means, but it is inherent of life. So, with her expertise she tries to help children understanding that this is a natural process which should be considered as it is.

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