Nóra Tolnai


Monday  08.00 am – 13.00 p


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Nóra Tolnai

psychologist, sport and health psychology specialist

As a sport psychologist her work involves psyching athletes up for racing situations. She helps overcoming anxiety, increasing self-confidence and motivation, setting and reaching goals, handling failure or burnout, as well as correcting mistakes. In her experience, the shortest way to reach better achievement and psychological self-maintenance, as well as top-form just in time is to apply mental training and antianxiety techniques.

Within the framework of health psychology she primarily assists in the field of health development, setbacks in the healthy lifestyle management, raising stress tolerance and acquiring stress management methods. For this purpose, a proper method is for example the autogenic training which means a concentrative self-relaxation technique. By learning the method of autogenic training one can recognize his or her body signs and with the help of these techniques self-regulation management of the body and the soul, relaxation and optimal stress tolerance will be feasible.

Mapping and considering the patient’s individual needs first, then using methods fostering autonomous operation and health conscious lifestyle could lead to the desired result only. Furthermore, to reach the goals having determined together, we have to develop awareness in body and soul as well as improve the quality of life, all of which help patient to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, the efficient practices enable the patient to have courage, motivation and means to form health-conscious lifestyle while he or she could also acquire better self-understanding and more active emotional regulation.

Owing to the better self-understanding and a higher degree of awareness body and soul wellbeing changes positively; these are based on recognizing and considering personal needs, thus contributing to health improvement and maintenance.